The Lord has given me a desire to carry out this mission as a vocation in a full-time-capacity. As our team assesses the need to finish and publish the book, market the book and curriculum, take care of salaries and cover other expenses necessary, we have set a goal for an annual budget of $120,000. Please pray for us as we seek God’s direction for how to accomplish this goal.

As you pray, ask the Lord if He wants you to be more involved.

  • The easiest way to get involved is to spread the word that the curriculum is available.
  • You could purchase a copy of the curriculum for your church’s youth group or small groups.
  • If you want to impact your own life you can purchase the discipling curriculum for yourself and go through it with your family. (When you buy a copy, be sure to tell us how God uses the curriculum to change your relationships so we can share your testimony with others.)

Thank you for prayerful consideration of how God can use you to further His work through the Law of Love ministries.