Pregnancy Care CenterI crossed paths several times in the last few months with Jennifer Smith, Executive Director, of the local Pregnancy Care Center and she asked me what Law of Love Ministries is all about. When I explained to her that the “ministry” aspect of Law of Love is in the curriculum I am writing for youth to teach them how to love as Jesus loved in all of their relationships, she said that she had a great need at the Pregnancy Care Center for good curriculum. For years she had tried various curriculums but none filled their need. I told her that I would be glad for the opportunity for Law of Love Ministries to write a curriculum for their specific need at the Pregnancy Care Center. Consequently, after several meetings and assembling a Curriculum Committee team, I am now the Project Manager and Chair of the Curriculum Committee to create a Law of Love Curriculum for the Pregnancy Care Center application. The other members of the Curriculum Committee are Jennifer Smith, PCC Executive Director, Lisa Smith, PCC Director of Client Services, and a number of other PCC staff and Volunteers. The fatherhood portion of the curriculum will also include input from Terry Lang, the former Director of Camp Ray Bird, who is currently working on a rigorous and comprehensive year long program for young men to prepare them for life as husbands, fathers, employees, and productive citizens in their community.

Our goal is to write a comprehensive curriculum for the PCC application that is simple, clear, consistent, scriptural, relevant, and measurable. Our plan is to tackle the curriculum tracks that will address their greatest needs first; Relationships and the Clinical aspects of pregnancy and early infancy. We will beta-test each track as it is finished with the completed curriculum roll-out next Christmas. Once the curriculum has been implemented locally, Law of Love Ministries will make it available to the 2200 other Pregnancy Care Centers around the country.

Please pray for us as we attempt to make a difference in such a meaningful area of our community and every community: the local Pregnancy Care Center.