Law of Love Ministries has been created for one purpose: To encourage people to love God and to love each other. Our motto is “Love the person in front of you.” This encourages you to do good for those within reach and frees you from the responsibility of those beyond your influence.

In CompassionTrackerTM, we have taken an old yet very powerful idea, pay it forward, and created a fun way to encourage people to do good for others with no consideration for what they will get in return. We believe that any good done for another will ultimately resonate throughout the community and must eventually return to the person who did it. In the past we could only imagine the good things done for others, the good words said, the lawns mowed, the people served, the fatherly advice, or even the cookies baked just because it blessed another. Now, with CompassionTrackerTM, we have an opportunity to glimpse behind the curtain and see the ripples of good. Like the wind, we may never guess where a blessing will blow or whose life it will touch, but we have attempted to shod the breeze and have discovered a way to read the sign as one blessing moves from one life to another. In a time when technology hinders relationships, we have harnessed it and are using it to build relationships.

CompassionTrackerTM is a free service and we require nothing more from you than an e-mail address. You may think it a good idea and try it, even just for fun. After awhile you may forget, but at some point you will receive an e-mail telling you another good was done for someone else and they now have the same ticket you had and are looking to bless another. We hope that what you may start as a lark will become an obsession when you see how your involvement in the lives around you can truly impact lives around the world. So when you give your card away, go back to the web site and print another so you will have it on hand when you have the opportunity to help someone else.

We want you to be a part of the CompassionTracker movement and help us reach our goal of 100 million people blessed with good will and kindness.