I am very excited to announce that Whitinsville Christian Middle School, Whitinsville, MA, is using the Law of Love in Helping Others – Discipling Devotional  as the Bible study for their school’s mentoring program this school year. They have created a Blog to facilitate communication between mentors, students, and parents.

The devotional was originally designed to be an 8 week study with 5 discipling lessons per week. I love WCS idea of extending the 8 week study over 8 months, studying one lesson per week rather than one per day. Ann Fredericks, Blog Master, explained “we have laid out the complete Law of Love study to last throughout the whole school year. We did not want to rush through any of your principles being taught. This way the teachers are allowed to go at comfortable pace.”

I salute the ingenious way in which the Law of Love Discipling Curriculum is being used and I look forward with eager anticipation to reading about the impact of their mentoring program on the middle school students at Whitinsville Christian this coming year. Join with me in praying for the Whitinsville Christian Middle School students this school year and follow their blog by clicking on their picture.